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Sign-up process for BetfairPoker

0. Clear all Cookies

BetfairPoker must know that you're signing up via RegalosPoker.
Therefore it's important that you delete any old cookies that may have been placed on your computer when you have visited BetfairPoker's homepage or clicked on a link.

After clicking the link below and previous to create your new poker account you have to make sure a new cookie of the poker room website is correctly stored in your PC, otherwise your sign-up could not be valid and you will not qualify for the promotion.
If you need further assistance please contact our support team.

1. Download poker room client software

Click on the image and you'll reach BetfairPoker's webpage. There you just have to follow the instructions to download and install the software.


2. Use our bonuscode

You have to make sure you enter our bonuscode : REG600 when required, and that you do not enter any other bonuscode either on sign-up or depositing unless regalospoker has allowed you to do it.

3. Deposit the minimum amount(**)

You must make a single first deposit of,at least, the minimun shown amount.

4. Complete the sign-up form to notify regalospoker that you've started the promotion.

Make sure you fill the date field with your first deposit date and follow the note to fill the username field.
Do not enter currency symbols for deposit amount.

5. Play at the tables to get the required raked hands or pokerroom points.(***)

Minimum deposit** $50
Play to get*** 300 Player Points and at least $25 in net rake
You earn 1400 RPPs

6. When requirements are finished complete the finished form to notify regalospoker that your promotion is finished.

We recommend to wait for the promotion to be confirmed before making a withdrawal from your BetfairPoker account.

Please note that confirmation time can change depending on the poker room:
The confirmation from our manager at BetfairPoker can take around 6-8 days.

Promotion only available for players from UK, Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Sweden, Czech Republic, Romania and Hungary.

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