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An Introduction to 7 Card Stud

7 card stud poker has been played for a long time and the strategies players adapt in order to win differ from one gambler to another. If you donít have much gambling experience, you can either start learning and developing the right strategies on your own expense or do what professionals have discovered and teach you to do.

As it is a high card game, your highest pair decides the outcome of the game. If you have a straight or a flush from the beginning, you should also have at least one card higher than the other cards on the board. When your high hand is beaten and you think you donít have the best hand anymore, you should immediately fold.

Your first four cards play the most important part in the game. If they are not as good as you would expect them to be, you had better get out of the game as early as possible and avoid losing a fortune. As for the early hands, you should play fast, especially when you start with a high pair, in order to eliminate as many players as you can from the competition. And then, starting with the fifth card, slow play is the best to keep your opponents in the game and start building the pot odds, especially if you have a powerful hand. Still, avoid slow play when you have a top hand lest you should allow your opponents to remain in the pot until the end. In such cases, if something bad happens, they will take advantage of your great loss.

It is assumed that in 7 card stud, the hands that win most often are the high two pairs, like aces and kings, for instance, or high pairs in general, more often than straights and flushes, which are also high hands. This is why you shouldnít gain too much confidence if you are dealt a flush or a straight from the first draw.

If you have three of a kind at the opening, the higher their rank, the luckier you are. You have great chances of winning, even if you donít do much from here on. Itís a greater advantage if you have at least one card which is higher than all the other cards on the table, from what you can see. The fact that you can see the other playersí face up cards is something you should make work to your advantage. On one hand, if you notice that the best hand you have at a certain moment is worse than the visible cards from the board, donít hesitate to fold. On the other hand, if you have a high hand from the first draw, follow our advice and choose an aggressive playing style in order to get rid of as many of your opponents as you can. If your opponent has exactly the one card that you need, adapt your strategy accordingly and try to make profit from another hand.

However, if by the sixth and seventh draw your hand which has 2 high pairs is higher than the up cards, raise undoubtedly. If not, fold, or if you are not that afraid, judging by the cards you can see on the table, just check. When you have learned to concentrate not only on your gambling and your cards, but on your enemiesí as well, you will be right to hope to be the next winner! Winning depends on strategy, not luck!
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