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Poker Stars sign-up bonus and review

Poker Stars

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Network Poker Stars
Easy to win8
Sign-up Bonus7
First Deposit Bonus 100% up to $600
Marketing code : regalospoker.com
Deposit code : STARS600
Payment methods
About Poker Stars
Poker Stars is the market leader in online poker tournaments as well as in ring game traffic. The poker room is positioned today as the online leader because of its tremendous volume combined with quick and reliable software. 
Poker Stars Lobby Poker Stars Table

Our Promotion
Bonus Code STARS600
You do have to use Internet Explorer. Also it is recommendable you clear cookies and temp files, or make sure you make the sign-up with our cookie (see how)
Regalospoker gift RPPs 800
Minimun deposit $50
Requirements 500 FPPs.
Poker Stars sign-up Info

Raked hand definition You earn VPPs for every hand you play on which the pot reaches $15, also you will receive 5 VPP for every dollar paid as a tournament entry fee. 

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