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REGALOSPOKER.com Affiliate Program

Earning money with regalospoker.com Affiliate Program is easy. We do the work, you earn cash.

While promoting a poker room at your website/blog can be more rewarding per deposit, having your friends/visitors to join regalospoker.com promotions is easier and, in the mid-long run, you will get much more with us. Just because your friends/visitors earn RPPs (Regalos Poker Points) that can be redeemed for free gifts as Poker Tracker 3, Nintendo Wii, Apple Ipods and our best gift, cash transfers.
On top of that, the poker rooms pay you one payment per sign-up + deposit, but regalospoker.com will pay you for every promotion your referrals finish.

What will you get?

For every completed promotion that earns the player under or equal 1000 RPPs you will receive $10 and $20 for every completed promotion that earns the player over 1000 RPPs.

¿What do I need to start promoting regalospoker.com?

You need your unique affiliate ID.
Is the promotional code your players should type at the refer-a-friend field at the sign-up form. Also you can use your own affiliate links on your website that will store a cookie on your referral\'s computer. The link will be something like this:


To get your unique affiliate code (affiliateID) just create an acount at our affiliates website following this link by filling up this form, the choosen username will be your affiliate ID.

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