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How do I get my free poker gift

1. Getting Started

Please have a look at our promoted POKER ROOMS. You can choose any one of them as long as you don't have an account at that poker room already. If you do already have an account, you are not allowed to enter our promotion with that specific poker room.

Of course you can select another one, we have plenty of poker rooms you can choose from and we are always looking for new promotional offers. So check back often!

2. Reading the list of Poker Rooms

When you browse through the list of poker rooms you see two important columns: FREE GIFT REQUIREMENTS tells you what to do to finish a promotion with us. RPPOINTS contains your reward for doing so.

You get at least 900 RegalosPokerPoints (RPPs) by finishing one of our promotions. That's worth 40$ in CASH or a free gift from our Gift Shop (see below). But most of our promotions are worth much more than 40$!

3. Knowing the Requirements

The first requirement at any poker room is to make a minimum real money deposit. The second requirement is to play some poker at real money tables.

4. Choosing a poker room

Click the banner of your desired poker room at the list of poker rooms.
You will be led to the "Sign-Up Process" page for the poker room, containing all the information about our promotional offer with this specific poker room.

Most of our promotions use bonus codes (see below). However, there are some offers that have no bonus codes and therefore require cookies. If your chosen poker room requires cookies, read the details and make sure you understand them. Click on the banner again and you are referred to the poker room's website.

5. Signing-up

You can download the poker room's software now. Wait till the download has completed and start the poker room's software. It will lead you through the sign-up process.

Please note that there are some poker rooms where the sign-up proccess is done at the poker room's website.

6. Using your Bonus Code

Enter our bonus code either on registration or along with your first deposit. See details at the "Sign-Up Process"-site.

7. Depositing

Every poker room offers a varity of possibilities to make a real money deposit. Most common are credit cards and internet payment methods like moneybookers, Click2Pay or Neteller.

8. Advising us

Once you made your deposit, check back at RegalosPoker.com and press SIGN-UP DONE. Fill in the form to inform us about your promotion.

9. Playing Poker

When you play at real money tables, the poker room charges a fee on every pot that exceeds a certain amount. That's what the poker room lives from. This fee is called "rake". Depending on the amount of rake all players in the hand / in the pot earn poker points. The mechanism widely differs from poker room to poker room. Have a look at the Terms & Conditions at the poker room's site for further details.

You have to earn a minimum amount of those poker points to finish the promotion with RegalosPoker in 60 days since your sign-up. But don't be shy - it is usually easy to earn the required poker points and most of our customers do it in less than a week.

10. Finished!

Once you earned the required poker points, come back to RegalosPoker.com, hit the FINISHED button and fill in the form. We then will contact the poker room manager and ask for a confirmation of your success.

11. Spending your RPPs

As soon as we get the confirmation you get your reward paid in RPPs.
RPPs are RegalosPoker's currency for successful players. You can spend your RPPs immediately at our Poker Gift Shop.
You can also save RPPs from different promotions and get even a bigger gift.

Just inform us by email about how do you want to spend your RPPs.

If you have any questions about our promotions post a message at our poker forums, fill up our contact form or send an email to our support team (support@regalospoker.com).
Or contact us using our live chat

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