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With regalospoker.com you can get your PokerTracker3 license for 1200 RPPs. RPPs are the Regalos Poker Points you get by signing up for online poker rooms through our links. As you play poker and meet our requirements you will be credited with RPPs, that can be redeemed for free gifts including your PT3 license.

The PokerTracker3 license you get from regalospoker is fully functional and exactly the same license you can purchase at the Poker Tracker website for $90.

Current PokerTracker/PokerAce Hud customers will receive a special upgrade price depending on the length of time that they have owned PT/PAH prior to upgrading to PT3. So if you already have PT2 and PAH earned with regalospoker promotions, your price in RPPs will be even lower than 1200.


  • A modern graphical user interface (GUI). New look but the same great layout of data and ease of use
  • Faster imports, faster stat retrieval, and threading so that you can multitask within PokerTracker.
  • A re-designed database: more Stats, more filters, and very scalable so that less databases are needed.
  • A built in HUD for increased performance with your table overlay.
  • And many more new features to enhance your poker playing experience...



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