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In the table below all the free gifts you can get by completing our promotions are shown.
All products are shown with a price in regalospoker points (RPPs), those RPPs can be obtained by signing up for an online poker room from our links and completing the requirements, for each sign-up you get RPPs.

If you have any questions about our offer please click contact us

For cash transfers the minimun is $25, for bigger amounts you can receive any amount no need to be in multiples of $25 or $50, for every 20RPPs you will receive $1 ($25 per 500RPPs)
$25 transfer (minumun)
500 RPPoints
$50 transfer
1000 RPPoints
$50 Amazon Gift Card
1000 RPPoints

Please ask support if shipping to your country is available and/or if extra costs thereby are incurred.

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