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General questions

What is regalospoker.com?
We are an online Pokerroom affiliate site. Pokerrooms pay their affiliates for the advertising they do. Usually, advertisers keep their money, but we give most of it back to you, the players and only keep a small share. This is why you can choose a free gift or even free cash for every signup you do!
Why should i use regalospoker.com?
Becaus you don't want to give away money. When you sign up to a pokersite with regalospoker, you get an additional bonus, not just the bonus of the pokersite. Wouldn't it be a waste to give away this money?
Is regalospoker a scam? How do i know, i really get my free gift?
We get this question quite often, because it really sounds too good to be true. You can see for yourself, by the feedback in our support-forums. We earn money for advertising, and we give most of it back to you.
I have a question, how can i contact you?
There are several ways of contacting us. You can simply write us an email to support@regalospoker.com. You can use the live chat at our homepage, or you can simply post your question in our support-forums.

Questions about the promotions and the pokersites

How do i sign up?
It's very easy. Just pick a site from our full site list, and klick on the link next to it. When signing up for a real money account, it is important to use our bonus code (as seen on our full-site list). If there is no Bonus-Code, the pokerroom gets told by a cookie, that you're coming from regalospoker.com. In this case, it is strongly recommended to use Internet explorer and clear your browser cache and cookies, before clicking the link
What do i have to do after signing up and depositing?
You have to play at the online site. Usually you have to play some raked hands or get a certain amount of Points at the Pokersite. You can find the detailed requirements at our full site list
What is a raked hand?
Online Pokerrooms live from rake. This is the money, they take from the Pot, when it exceeds a certain amount. Every hand, in which you got dealt cards, and in which rake is taken, is a raked hand. At prima sites, a raked hand has to be raked at least 25c to count for the free gift.
What are RPPoints?
Those are the RegalosPoker-Points you get, whenever you play one of our promotions. Usually you directly choose a gift, but if you choose a gift, that's more than 900 RPPoints, you can do more promotions, and save up the RPPoints (for example for an ipod)
I've completed my requirements, how do i get my gift?
Just send us an email to finished@regalospoker.com.
Do I have a days limit to finish my promotion?
Yes, you have to finish the poker room requirements on a 60 days period beginning the day on which the sign-up was made.
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